You’re building the future the world requires. We’ll help you do it better, more efficiently and with less cost and risk.

Ventoco is a strategic, project-based management consultancy that helps renewable energy companies identify, prepare for and achieve success. However you define it, we’ll get you there.

What We Do

Industry & Market Strategy
Expansion & Growth
Optimization & Rationalization
Product Development
Market Opportunities

Types of Involvement

Analysis & Interpretation
Strategy & Implementation
Waste & Loss Management
Production Analysis
Market & Consumer Interface
Mergers, Acquisitions & Integration

Deep & Varied Experience

Our consultants have decades of hands-on, international renewable energy experience, having worked for some of the world’s largest OEMs, suppliers, construction firms and other renewables companies.

We’ve built, operated and managed the factories. We’ve evaluated the sites and facilities. We’ve tested the equipment, sourced the materials, established the supply chains, transported the components, assessed the possibilities and anticipated the potential pitfalls.

And we’ve given our clients performance advantages every step of the way.

Who We Work With

Our clients are producing, transporting and constructing some of the largest components and most comprehensive wind, solar and energy storage projects on the planet:

  • Component Manufacturers
  • Construction Firms
  • Supply-Chain Partners
  • Transport & Logistics Companies
  • Other Businesses Facilitating the Renewable Energy Transition

Our Mission

To apply our extensive international experience, expertise and creativity in renewables to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of companies that are creating the future of energy.

Our Vision

A world where all nations enjoy energy security; where companies, industries and governments have built the future of energy and reversed the escalation of global warming; and where renewables consistently contribute to global citizens’ quality of life.

A solar energy array at sunset