Ventoco approaches every project, challenge and initiative as a collaboration between our associates and your team members. At the same time, we conduct ourselves as if every project were our own.

We don’t do anything before immersing ourselves as much as possible into your company to gain a multilayered understanding of your culture, customers, operations and processes. The insights we gain, along with our broad and deep experience in renewables, allows us to see the big picture and innovate.

Circular Project Development

Our overarching methodology, developed over decades in the global renewable energy industry, can best be described as “Circular Project Development,” with each focus area organized and managed through a continuous, circular review and with flexibility to adjust to shifting objectives.

Stage-Gate Model

When a project is of a certain size or level of complexity, we incorporate a stage-gate model.

This is a project management technique that divides an innovation process into distinct stages or phases that are separated by decision points called gates. The stage-gate model helps to manage risk, prioritize resources and ensure quality and alignment throughout the development of the project’s focus areas or services.

Wind energy turbine blades stacked for shipping