Our Global Experience Helps With Risk Identification & Decision-Making

We went to Hamburg Wind Energy Fair thinking that, with recent changes in the geopolitical landscape, the potential for global health threats and social change around the world, many American and European companies would be thinking about moving their production facilities out of China and Russia, if they hadn’t already. Conversations on the floor confirmed what we suspected.  

We left the fair thinking more deeply about how Ventoco’s experience and expertise can help OEMs and supply-chain manufacturers best position themselves for the future, with the ideal mix of costs, location, long-term stability and time….


Ventoco is a strategic, project-based management consultancy that helps the renewable energy companies that are building the future to do it better, more efficiently and with less cost and risk. The firm’s consultants have decades of hands-on, international renewable energy experience, having worked for some of the world’s largest original equipment manufacturers and other renewable energy companies. Ventoco leverages their deep experience, expertise and creativity to help clients address challenges, improve profitability and prepare for the future of the industry. The company’s clients are businesses involved in a wide range of renewables functions, such as construction, component manufacturing, transport and logistics, supply and more. Specific services include, but are not limited to, business-case research and formulation; facility siting analysis; facility construction, operation and staffing guidance; and leadership support.